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Sizzling Steaks

Baseball Steaks

The Baseball Steak:
Calling all sluggers! This ain't your average cut. Residing next to the sirloin steak, It's a roundhouse punch of flavor packed into a shape that'll have you reminiscing about stealing home (plate) in record time. This bad boy is thick enough to take a curveball from your grill and emerge juicy and delicious. One bite and you'll be saying "Outta the park!" with a smile wider than a grand slam.

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Denver Steak

The Denver Steak:
Forget the Mile High City, this steak will take your tastebuds on a Rocky Mountain flavor expedition. This ain't no fancy filet mignon, it's a down-to-earth, hardworking hunk of meat that's as unpretentious as a pair of well-worn jeans. Throw it on the grill, give it a good sear, and savor the bold, beefy goodness. This steak is honest, delicious, and perfect for those who appreciate the simpler things in life (like a good steak and a cold beer).

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Graduate steak

The Graduate:
This ribeye ain't just a steak, it's a doctoral dissertation in deliciousness. Clocking in at a whopping 2 inches thick, it's the kind of steak that'll make you reconsider your entire life plan. One bite and you'll be saying, "Hold my diploma, I gotta conquer this masterpiece!" You might even need a bigger plate (or a smaller appetite) to handle this academic achievement in beef. Aged to perfection (just like a wise old professor), this steak is guaranteed to impress. Warning: May cause temporary amnesia due to extreme flavor overload.

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Porterhouse Steak

This ain't your average steak, folks. It's a meaty masterpiece, a bone-in battlefield where the juicy tenderness of the filet mignon clashes with the robust heartiness of the New York strip. One bite and you'll be locked in an epic duel of flavor - a surf and turf showdown happening right on your plate. This ain't for the faint of appetite, it's for the grill gladiators who crave a victory lap of deliciousness.

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Skirt Steak

Don't let the name fool you, this steak is the life of the party. Long and lean, it's perfect for grilling fajitas, marinades, or stir-fries
. This little number loves to mingle with your favorite flavors, guaranteed to bring a fiesta to your taste buds. Plus, it cooks up fast and furious, leaving you more time to, well, skirt the responsibility of doing dishes.

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Tomahawk steak

The Tomahawk Steak: This ain't your average steak, it's a
prehistoric club** for the modern carnivore. This bad boy comes with a bone-in handle so impressive, it'd make Fred Flintstone jealous. Skip the tiny utensils, this steak comes with its own built-in caveman club. Perfect for when words fail to express your hunger. Imagine this: charred to perfection, a juicy masterpiece practically begging to be shared with your most primal companions (or maybe just a hungry family). "Warning:
Consuming this steak may cause uncontrollable urges to grunt like a Neanderthal. Napkins highly recommended."

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Cap Steak

The Ribeye's Crown Jewel: The Cap Steak

Forget the crown, this is the filet Mignon of the ribeye. This limited-edition steak isn't your average cut. Imagine the most buttery, melt-in-your-mouth tenderness combined with the unrivaled flavor of a well-marbled ribeye.

The secret? This steak comes from the peak of the ribeye, the Spinalis Dorsi muscle. Think of it as the MVP of the ribeye, rarely offered due to its limited size.

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Filet Mignon

Get ready to have your taste buds do a happy dance! Our filet mignon is so tender, it's like biting into cloud made of meat. We only use USDA Choice or higher beef, sourced locally so you can feel good about supporting your community while enjoying a delicious meal. Trust us, this steak will make you want to propose to it.

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Hanger Steaks

The Renegade Cut:
This ain't your average joe (cow) steak. It's the black sheep of the bovine family, the rebel with a cause (of amazing flavor). The Hanger Steak might be a bit "off the beaten path" (literally, it hangs suspended from the diaphragm), but don't be fooled. This bad boy is bursting with tenderness and rich, beefy taste. One bite and you'll be a hanger-on for life (or at least until the next delicious one).

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Ribeye Steak

You're in for a treat, my friend! Our Rib-eye steaks are so locally sourced, they're practically our neighbors. And with a USDA Choice (or Higher) rating, you know they're the cream of the crop. Get ready to have your taste buds do a happy dance!

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T-bone Steak

"T-Rex sized hunger? This steak's got you covered. It's enough to satisfy even the most dino-mite appetite.
This bad boy's got more meat than a Jurassic feeding frenzy. Two mighty sides - a juicy strip for the carnivore in you and a tender filet for your slightly-less-savage side. One bite and you'll be roaring with delight, because this steak is guaranteed to be extinct on your plate faster than you can say "paleontology."

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Cowgirl Steaks

The Cowgirl:
This ain't no city slicker steak. It's a feisty little firecracker, perfect for wranglers with big appetites and even bigger personalities. Sure, it's smaller than its cousin "The Graduate," but it packs a punch like a rodeo bull. One bite and you'll be ready to lasso your taste-buds for a delicious ride.

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Flat Iron Steak

Imagine this: You're tired of the usual suspects - the Ribeyes, the Filets. You crave something unexpected, a champion in disguise. Enter The Underdog, the Flat Iron Steak. This lean, mean, flavor machine packs a punch like Rocky Balboa. Don't let its understated thickness fool you. Packed with intense beefy goodness, this steak will have you saying "Yo Adrian, this ain't no knockout; it's a knockout win!"

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Ny Strip Steak

Forget fancy French names, this ain't no filet mignon. This is a classic New York strip, the meat equivalent of a walk down a bustling avenue. Packed with flavor and enough marbling to rival a Wall Street suit, it's the perfect steak for those who like their food loud and proud.

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Sirloin Steak

The Sir Loin of the House:
This ain't royalty, but it sure is a knight when it comes to flavor. This bad boy is lean, mean, and ready to be seen on your dinner plate. No frills, just pure, delicious beef that won't break the bank. It's the steak for the everyman (or woman), perfect for those who appreciate a classic with a whole lot of meat-tastic goodness.

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The Happy Daddy Strip Steak

The Happy Daddy:
This ain't just any steak, it's a celebration of fatherhood. Two inches of pure, unadulterated meat joy, perfect for dads who deserve a victory lap after a long day of wrangling kids, mowing lawns, and battling carpool. Throw it on the grill, watch those flames dance, and savor the taste of triumph. This ain't just a meal, it's a dad-approved moment of pure, meaty bliss.

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