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The Graduate:
This ribeye ain't just a steak, it's a doctoral dissertation in deliciousness. Clocking in at a whopping 2 inches thick, it's the kind of steak that'll make you reconsider your entire life plan. One bite and you'll be saying, "Hold my diploma, I gotta conquer this masterpiece!" You might even need a bigger plate (or a bigger appetite) to handle this academic achievement in beef. Aged to perfection (just like a wise old professor), this steak is guaranteed to impress. Warning: May cause temporary amnesia due to extreme flavor overload.

The Graduate Steak

  • Hey, hotshot! We see you eyeing that delicious meat. Hold your horses, we need a day to make it perfect. You'll get a message when your order is ready for pickup at J & C Fine Meats (193 Limestone Road, Oxford, PA). Pickup's available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Saturday orders? Think of it as delicious anticipation – available next Thursday.

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