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  • 2 ribeyes (12 oz individaully wrapped)
  • 2 pounds Chicken breast
  • 2 pounds Ground Beef
  • 2 Pounds Sweet Italian sausages


The "Singles Survival Kit": Because Netflix and chill only gets you so far.
Calling all solo flyers, lone wolves, and independent spirits! Tired of staring down another lonely bowl of ramen? Fear not, for the "Singles Survival Kit" is here to answer your culinary cries for help (and maybe drown out the deafening silence of your empty apartment).

This ain't your mama's casserole night. This is a carnivore's dream, a protein-packed paradise that'll keep you fueled for those late-night Netflix binges, impromptu dance parties in your underwear, and existential crises over the meaning of life (because who needs a significant other when you have perfectly grilled ribeyes?).

Here's what's inside your soon-to-be-best friend:

    2 12-oz rib-eyes: Treat yourself like the king (or queen) you are with these marbled beauties. Sizzle them to perfection, pair them with a glass of something strong, and forget about the world (or at least your Tinder woes).
    2 pounds of chicken breasts: For those nights when you need a quick, healthy-ish meal. Don't worry, they won't judge your questionable cooking skills or your questionable life choices.
    2 pounds of ground beef: Burger night, anyone? Or maybe chili for one? Taco Tuesday for a party of one? The possibilities are endless (and deliciously messy).
    2 pounds of sweet Italian sausages: Because sometimes you need a little spice in your life, even if it comes from a sausage. Grill them, slice them, throw them in pasta...just don't eat them all in one sitting (unless you're feeling adventurous).
Remember: This kit is not a replacement for human interaction (or therapy). But it can definitely help you survive those single nights with a full stomach and a happy heart (or at least a satisfied taste bud). So grab your spatula, crank up the tunes, and get ready to experience the delicious freedom of solo dining!

The Singles Survival Kit

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