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  • 4 ribeyes (16-oz)
  • 4lbs Ground Beef
  • 4lbs Italian Sausage (hot or Sweet)
  • 4lbs Bone-in Pork Chops


The "Weekend Warrior" Bundle: Prepare for Culinary Combat (and Delicious Truces)!

This ain't your grandma's picnic basket, folks. This is the "Weekend Warrior" Bundle: a meaty munitions depot stocked with enough firepower to fuel a barbecue blitzkrieg and leave your taste buds begging for mercy (or seconds).

Unleash your inner grill sergeant with:

    4 (16-oz) ribeyes: These behemoths ain't for the faint of heart (or stomach). They're marbled masterpieces, guaranteed to ignite taste bud explosions and induce involuntary caveman grunts of satisfaction.

    4 pounds of ground beef: Your burger battalion awaits! Craft juicy patties for an epic backyard battle royale, or unleash your inner alchemist with creative burger concoctions that'll have your neighbors begging for a ceasefire (and your recipe).

    4 pounds of Italian sausages (hot or sweet): Choose your weapon! Hot links for fiery skirmishes or sweet Italians for a more diplomatic approach. Either way, these flavor grenades will add a sizzle to your culinary conflict.

    4lbs bone-in pork chops: Don't underestimate these bad boys. They're the ultimate peace offering, perfect for bribing the grill gods or rewarding your victorious troops (or yourself, no judgment here).

Warning: This bundle may cause:

  •     Spontaneous dance parties: The intoxicating aroma of grilled meats is a powerful aphrodisiac, and before you know it, you'll be two-stepping around the grill like a seasoned grill master (coordination not guaranteed).
  •     Questionable grill-flipping skills: Don't worry, a few rogue sausages or errant burger patties just add to the battlefield authenticity (and provide comic relief for your hungry audience).
  •     An insatiable hunger for victory (and meat): This bundle is a one-way ticket to Flavortown, and there's no turning back. Be prepared to defend your culinary creations with spatula and fork, or face the consequences of a meat-less surrender.

Remember: The "Weekend Warrior" Bundle is not for the meek. It's for the grill gladiators, the barbecue berserkers, the culinary champions who crave both competition and delicious rewards. So fire up the grill, raise your spatula high, and prepare for a weekend of epicurean warfare (and maybe a few singalongs around the bonfire). Just don't forget the fire extinguisher... just in case.

The "Weekend Warrior" Bundle

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